Internetsex - Problem - Solution

Why is it that Internetsex takes up so much of the bandwidth, of the WWW? So-called 'Adult' web sites cater to the level of interest of the puberescent adolescent? Why are they so in demand? This web site explores the XXX on the WWW as a symptom, a cry for help, a kind of self-medication, by a culture which has not be allowed to reach adulthood and maturity by an imposed sexual embargo. By whom? For which purpose? ... Let's explore and find out. Understanding the symptom gives the solution.


Tyrannical Puritanical

You can go too far.
Either way.

You can pretend that 'sex' does not exist.
Or you can pretend that 'sex' is all there is.

Both are right.
Both are wrong.

Sex is pivotal, crucial, for us to have life.
No parent having sex? Then you won't have a !ife..

Is sex the only interest you have in your life?
You might prefer to have been born as one of those ever-sexing shrimps used to see if water is clean.

The problem with Puritans does not lie in their beliefs about sex.
Their problem lies in their mistaken belief that their beliefs apply to others.

That, has nothing to do with sex.
That is only about denial of freedom of choice, of others.


Living (y)Our Natural Rhythm


You wake up in the morning.
You wake with an erection. Yours or another's.
You are not alone: your bedpartner discovers your erection.
Together you enter into a logical biological morning meditation.
Body rhythms speak to you and through you.
Direct contact tells more than words can say.
You wake up to feel well, feeling well.
Then, at some time, there is breakfast; brunchtime.

There, then, you meet other who likewise feel well.
From feeling well yourself with others, you feel well with others.
You meet others, who likewise woke up feeling well.
You discover each other, and together you discover the world.
You probably go into nature, discover (your) nature.
Experience the world ...
Then, at some time you bring back what you found.
For dinner.

There, at dinnertime you meet more others.
Perhaps you meet new others. Travellers?
You exchanges views and visions.
You learn with and from each other.
Maybe you tell stories, perhaps you play-act, act out what the day brought you.
The evening becomes a natural time of society, and culture.

You may well find that at the end of the night you feel well with one or the other.
You may well fall asleep with another or others.
And then, at some time, you wake up.
And find that you or your parner has an erection...
You find out more and explore, sexplore, and more ...

At some time you have brunch, or is it breakfast?
You gou out and meet others; and meet ((y)our) nature.
And again you find that you meet again: as culture.
And again you rest and recover.

Feeling well yourself; with another.
Meeting others, and exploring nature.
Exchanging experiences and findings; forming culture.
And sleep again.



Natural rhythm.


Natural OR Cultural || Cultural AND Natural

Culture seems to have lost the connection; at least, in some cultures.
The cultures of the west and east and south, and north.
Especially those that consider thenselves civilised, seem to have lost touch with nature, with their nature, with their body, i.e. with the way their body functions.

by understanding the body, much of how it functions, and how it relates to nature can be understood also.


Beyond appearances - the quest for healing context

The following is a clear and helpful interaction, to come to understand that it is necessary to look beyond appearances.

As part of the work of Planting Paradise, it is necessary to address and resolve unresolved issues.
It is a healer's job (and, if you wish, a boy scout's honour).

In order to solicit support for this work, a request was put in with AdSense, the Google targeted advertising service.

Two letters: 1) request for ads denied, 2) please reconsider and help
The following is the policy compliant response from AdSense that was received to the request for added ad income.
Immediately after it follows the reply which was sent out to AdSense; requesting reconsideration. Because, indeed, this site addresses "Adult" content. It does so, to show that it is in fact unresolved adolescent behaviour. Help is welcome for this, and targeted ads to show the way to spiritual training groups, academic social behaviour programs, and so on will offer a helpful context indeed to come from Problem Based Thinking to Solution Oriented Creations.

Family-safe ads may be just the remedy to reframe the many derailed view on sex.
Sex and families go hand in hand; more than that even.

Understand that sex (in pornography) and sexuality (in parental bonding) deals with precisely the same issue.
What is often lost from view is the way the two are related.

It is precisely the impersonal noncommittal aspect of sex, and the personal committed experience of sexuality that need to be bridged cq healed.
As one might say (in the present time) "it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it".
Why don't we all do it, and have the issue resolved 'within minutes'...

The two letters present thw two perspectives that need to be bridged.
On the one hand there is the careful concern of the AdSense representative.
On the other hand you find the healer proposing a healing context.

Letter 1: AdSense policy does not support Adult Content Sites


Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense.

After reviewing yourapplication, our programme specialists have found that it does not comply with our policies.
Therefore, we're unable to accept you into Google AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.
If you are able to resolve these issues, please feel free to reply to this email for reconsideration when you have made the changes.

Issues: - Adult content
Further detail:
Adult content:
Currently, only Google ads that we classify as family-safe are available through the AdSense programme. We've found your site to be predominantly adult or mature in nature. Therefore,we're unable to display relevant ads on your site. Please review ourpolicies ( for acomplete list of site content not allowed on web pages.


For a complete list of AdSense criteria, please visit:
If you would like to submit another website for consideration, simply reply to this email and provide us with the URL. If this new website complies with our programme policies, we will help you start delivering Google ads in minutes.
Please contact us at if you have any questions.


The Google Team


Letter 2: A healing context helps heal


Thank you for replying to my request for sponsorship for the project that i am doing.

I appreciate your considerations and respect your answer.
Please however take a closer look at

As you will see in reviewing the web site more closely, you will see that it is intended to resolve the issue of internet sex, by realising that the problem cloaks a solution.

Carefully selected ads would in fact help achieve this: psychology books, education programs, social and communication skills training, and academic institutions and spiritual councelling would qualify for this.
Precisely by having such carefully selected ads, this offers a context by which the problem at hand can be sorrounded by a context of solutions.

As the site presents it: internet sex is a problem that seeks a solution.
What you termed adult content - the common terminology - is in fact unresolved puberescent behaviour.

Internet sex is a (trans)muted cry for help.
It is time that people come to the call and offer solutions.

As a MD, i learned that it is necessary to diagnose the problem to come to a solution.
In the case of internet sex, it is consequence of careless education, with a denial of human sexuality.

As the site aims to set out, the problem cannot be resolved as long as the basis of the problem is denied: the unresolved issues around sexuality.
As long as people do not realise that sexuality and spirituality are part of the same concept - creation - what could lead to a solution will remain a problem.

Apart from training as MD i also studied as engineer.
The site is intended to build a bridge: starting on one side of the abyss to connect to the other.

Sex is a problem only as long as people deny its purpose in human existence. And acknowledge that it is not a personal issue, but quite impersonal.
Sex does not help us, to survive, but our species. Sex is not a personal issues of humans, but an impersonal need of humanity.

Help is needed.
I hope you can offer help precisely by offering the context of help, through the ads that may offer links to further and deeper insights.

I would welcome if you could reconsider your decision.
I would welcome the support of ads which link to institutions and trainings, scooling and counselling that can help resolve the problem

I look forward to your answer

Feel well



As in any change of direction: it is always one step at a time, and one instance after another.

The question is, how long will it take to make a change, if no change is made?

InternetSex Therapy

Why is it so many people are offended about internetsex?

Do they not see the symptom, the cry for help?
Is it not clear that the bulk of internet bandwith goes to people who - sexually - never grew up; because they were not allowed to?

The western 'culture' objected against the Chinese Lily Feet; the stunted dwarfed 'bonsai' bindings that crippled the lives of many women. Why? For no good reason. Yet another culture who did not fully fathom Nature.
(Feet grow as they do for good reasons; developed over billions of years.)

There is a statement that i find i use more and more:

  • Instead of saying NO, offer an alternative for the sought solution.

Internetsex is a cry for help.
The people who rant against internet sex are in general also the ones who taboo-hoo'd sex.
They are not the ones to comment, because they cannot explain, because they themselves do not know the deep meaning of sex. Else they would know, and explain.
Often the people who deny sex, do so out of mistaken beliefs. They do what they were told.
They lack deeper understanding, because they did not know how.
They were forbidden to explore sex. And that is all they can offer. Pretense and denial.
It is for all these people, that other people made sexually explicit web sites.
Which are not at all sexually explicit; they are no more than pictures, and opinions.
They are quite unrelated to sex. Sex it an exchange that forms part of the universe as a whole.
That is also why sex needs to be understood: the role of sex is that fundamental.
'If sex was forbidden god would not have made it'.
In fact: people were kicked out of paradise, not over an issue of sex, but over an issue of denial.
Most of the debates about sex are not about sex, but about mind sets. Denial. Self-denials.

So, lets stop denying and pretending that sex does not exist.
All people are animals, sexual creatures.
It is something we need to live with, because it is something we live by.
It is that simple.

The Symptom leads the way to the Solution.
  • Medical practice is simple: if you wish to offer a cure, then you first need in depth understanding.
  • By understanding what Internet Sex 'is', what it means, what it stands for, it is possible to provide a solution.

Most internetsex is trivial, trite.
It is about people trying to learn about what they are not taught in school; especially sundayschools are not forthcoming on the issue.

It is not surprising that people wish to know.
  • Just stand up.
  • Drop your hands alongside your body.
  • Bring your hands together.
  • What do you feel?

  • it is evident that our body is not designed for us to be out of touch with sex.
So, why are so many people out of touch with their body, their sex?
That is why they seek sex.
They do not seek sex, they seek understanding.
They seek to understand themselves.

They? Who is they?
We do. I do. You do.

We all have a body.
We all have sex, built in. Once you reach puberty, your body will show you.
We all learn to live with sex.
We all live with sex, even if only in its denial...

If sex is part of us, the quest for understanding sex it not about sex at all.
It is about understanding ourselves.

Pornography does not explain this.
Pornography is just another industry, living off addiction, from denial.
Pornography is most often about just more priests abusing priestesses.
Pornography is but an income. It too is trivial, trite.

Pornography is but a crutch to get to know the crotch

Pornography disappears as soon as sex is learned and taught.
Pornography industry can offer all their insights, if only 'you' would let them.
Pornography experts understand sex: the human mind and human body.
Pornography experts could, can, become excellent teachers for spiritual sex.

If you do not believe this, look back in the past.
And wonder how so many medical textbooks appeared, in the wake of the concentration camps tortures...

The issue is simple:
The Problem IS the Solution.
Once the quest for understanding (Internet) sex is resolved,
the problem is "as if it never existed".
The quest for understanding of sex is met on the Internet, but in a warped way. Which turns it into an addiction
Internetsex is mainly a symptom that sex cannot be lived, because it is denied in our social life.

As soon as sex is socially and individually acceptable and accepted, the problem is gone.
People who live healthy sex lives, have no interest in watching it. For them seeing is not sex.

Sex is Social
It is the experience of sex that gives it meaning.
Sex offers the possibility for transcendence.
Self-transcendence, by interacting with another.
Transcendence, by the way sex is linked to the way the universe works.

Sex is one of the ways to enlightenment.
That is one of the reasons why sex is often forbidden.
(Priests lose their function when all have direct experience of god.)
(If all have the direct universal experience, than all ppeople are priests.)

Understood in this way,
Internet Sex is Therapy
It is the means by which - via the symptom - society seeks to understand the spiritual meaning of sex.

We are sexual, okay, so be it.
But sex is useless for us - we don't live much longer with or without it.
But humanity does: that is the organism for which sex matters.
Sex is an impersonal issue, at the individual level.
But for society as a whole, sex = survival.

Society shapes up by offering sexual understanding ...

This blog is intended as one of the ways towards that.


What the 'fuck' do you mean, please?

When languages loses its subtlety, much is lost indeed.

The paradox is that what you forbid, you will have to live with.

The TOP TEN industries are quite the same as the Ten Top Commandments.
Each time the NOT has backfired, and put whatever was forbidden at the pivot of what our culture is doing.

In the same way, the forbidding of 'foul' language, has backfired and turned it into a meaningless outspoken habit.
As someone once told me, the New York Alphabet is spelled: "Fuckin'-A, Fuckin'-B, ... ".

Not only does our culture lack words for sex, it also uses words that have no basis in sex to describe sex, and now uses sexual words so that they loose all their meaning.
With them, so does sex.

If our language become rude and crude, how can we talk about sex, but in crude rude terms?

Where is the poetry?
Where is the love an appreciation, the subtlety and sensitivity? The meaning?


Just /NOT/ it!

OK, you are not supposed to...
But, just do it.

Look around on the Internet, and find out for yourself what is going on, what people do.
Find out for yourself how confused people got, and how mixed up they are where it concerns sex.

If you understand the body, you can see it has a strong subtle logic.
All is interconnected; all has meaning.

If our body needed cucumbers for sex, why - with those millions of years of its aking - would it not have grown them?

How much of the XXX on the WWW is simply for male masturbation?

How many women do you know who look at WWW XXX sites? Do you know what they feel about it? Did you ask?

Once you start to let sex become part of your discussions, there is much that you can learn.
I'll return to this topic later.

Cock and Pussy

What words do you know to describe the sexual organs?

Our culture is in an unhealthy state of denial: it does not talk about our sexuality, and sexual organs.

"Sex is taboo, and one is not supposed to speak of such matters".
Hushhhh! !!

Denial is a form of lying.
Whatever is denied is invoked.
Whatever is repressed is reinforced.
Lying causes ongoing chains of conflicts.

Why is it that our Western Culture denies and belies it sexual physical bodily nature?
What is the benefit? Who is the beneficiary?
By denying sex, sex becomes a tool for social control. By whom? For what?
See who instituted and executed the sexual taboos, and you'll get pretty close to understanding what they had to gain.

As a result of not speaking about sex, and avoiding the use of 'sexually explicit words', society is kept dumb; and in a sense is not allowed to grow up.
No wonder the raging hormones wage wars.

If you want to learn about yourself, then you need to know what (your) sexuality is.
Especially when hormones flood your body and reach your brain is is relevant to know what you are up against. And who you become, when your genitals take control.
Have you, too, already realised that (as so often) "The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak" has it totally the wrong way around?

"The Flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak!"

By understanding the body, your spirit can connect to your environment, which is part of the universe as a whole.
But in order to be able to do so, you need to be able to think about it, communicate about it, think about it. YOU NEED WORDS.

  • But, what words were you taught, hush, for all that has to do with sex?
  • How much of what you learned about sex was crude, harsh, disrespectful, violent?
  • How can a society be loving, in good contact with one another, if sex, thus bodily contact is shunned?
  • How can you be loving, and relaxed, when your hormones soar, but you have no language to communicate to others what goes on within you?

We need language.
We need to be able to communicate with others.
We need to be able too express what, really, goes on within us.
We need apt words to discuss sex.

We have a crippled language for sex.
Words do not mean what they say.
Look up Google image search, for the words Cock and Pussy.
You will not find roosters; and if you wish to see cats, type "puss" instead of pussy.

Can you add words that describe sexual/genital organs or actions, but have in themselves different meaning.

In order to be able to USE THIS BLOG AS DICTIONARY:
Please use the following format:

COCK = Penis

PUSSY = Vagina

"'seen one, seen 'm all "

A book called BOOK (in Greek, Biblos, bible) formulates the thought that people were kicked out of paradise by putting on clothes.

(This idea suggests that Paradise is lost when you practice denial.)

Let's not beat around the bush (now, there's a nice figure of speach...): look up what is so intensely denied in the Western 'culture'. That what is said to be hidden ... sex.

(Is it not remarkable, that the church that says that paradise was lost by the wearing of fig leaves, prescribes fig leaves on all people...?)

If it is forbidden, then you can be sure that that really catches the attention.
So, let's look up, what is so forbidden.
Let's simply Google for vagina, penis, breast and clitoris, and see what we find.
Google has an excellend Image Search (and an excellent Scolar option also), so: go for it.

This is what you can find:

43100 pictures, in 0,07 seconds.

Let's look at the first two rows; they both show the solution and the problem: offers us big_vagina.jpg: this is a joke picture; the first anyone wishing to understand the vagina would find on the WWW. (in Spanish) shows you vagina.gif, a drawn out schematic view on the human vagina. As most medical pictures, it is all too schematic. clear that humans are not the only creatures with sexual problems: vagina wound2 (1).jpg

Hungary offers us the next insight: an instruction to reference points for naming parts of the human vagina: vagina.jpg, compliments of an 'intimshop'. An Infomercial. offers an artists impression of the vagina dentata.gif.
The vagina dentata is a misrepresentation: the old pictures, in Ireland, of a woman giving birth (showing the ruptured membranes) were not understood (in our sexually retarded culture) and described as 'having teeth in the vagina'.

24850037.jpg is the enigmatic name used by the website of the university of utah showing the image of vaginal genital warts. Yes, sexual diseases do exists, and that'll be a topic in itself, later.

the vagina.gif is put on mainstage (that is the name of the next web site) which proposes a hands-on approach for the vagina. In fact this is quite common sense thinking; as almost all people on the planet need to get a good feel for this, some time, in their life. But a picture does not really provide this.

dj1111-00.jpg is seemingly as cryptic a name for the GIF as the title before, but this time it is the picture of a reclined naked lady, on the front of a magazine cover, of which the web site link has expired.

And, yes then there are reams of further electronic pages with further pictures entitled vagina, with and without rings, as art works, as cut outs, as rubber replica's, as objects of phantasy (or is it superstition?), ... Sometimes the vagina is blurred away, sometimes brought in sharp focus. An image, of what is definitely a fake rubber vagina, is called 'realistic'.
Well, ... you found your way to this blog site: you can browse and look it up for yourself.
You will need to have Google set to the feature "Safe Search Off".
(Ah, there is an implicit morality that this culture offers. Unsafe = Sex is the hidden message...)

Look around, but when you do so:
pay attention to your own emotional responses, while you browse through the images of this social taboo zone. It is through your emotional responses that you can become aware of the way yiour cultural imprin has affected your reaction - by Conditioned response - to your own natural being.

199000 pictures in 0.07 seconds
(That is about 5x what "Vagina" brought up)

Again, two rows of pics give a clear image of the way our society sees in pricks. shows penis.jpg which again makes the making jokes of sex win out on reliable information, as above.

Again we immediately can see that humans are not the only life forms with a penis, and animal penile potentials and problems. This time it is the image of a boar penis offered by the university of Iowa State, and concerns animal breeding. ( Now, that's a redirector for ya.

The Penis Website, yes it does exist, goves - for those who know - a direct image of the interrelatedness between the penis and the clitoris. (Sorry guys, the penis is but an overgrown clitoris.) the curious name of the picture is 2.jpg

That the penis is a natural shape (in fact a flow form) is shown in the jockular picture on the pudreteflanders blogspot, with the image of a female body seen from above, showing the shape of the penis. Perhaps the caption question was phrased the wrong way around and should read: "Why does the shape of the penis resemble the female body". The link itself is crippled. brings us back in the realm of the artists impressions, which again does not really help more of the nature of the penis, but brings it into the realm of (artistic) discussion.

That nature is more varied than medical text books imagine is seen in an illustration from the Virtual Hospital showing a double penis.

Again the 8th picture cannot be found. It is of a male presumably harvard student, entitled penis nose.
Just as an informative aside: Technically the penis has the same internal
structure as a banana: 3 partitions.
As above: while you browse the pictures that are available on the image search, look as much at your emotions - i.e. the reactions by your mental conditioning - as the pictures. All that you see is pixels; all that you perceive is pricks and such. But what meaning you give it is totally by your own making. Sex simply is.

284000 pictures in 0,05 seconds
184 pictures in 0,21 seconds (which shows you how much longer the official terminology takes to find your way around)
5410 pictures in 0.11 seconds (most of milk-industry udders)
588000 in 0.06 seconds (with only one bird on the first sheet of pictures)

The reason for the big big-breast obsession by males (and thereby by females) is a topic in itself; again it has much to do with the breast being hidden.

(Was it the mother of Livius, the Roman author, who commented about the women of Florence: "It is a shame, one cannot find one's son a decent women, with their teats covered".?)

8,540 pictures in 0,07 seconds
28100 pictures in 0.04 seconds (which would presumably include the Clitoris finds)

As you will discover, very few of the total number of images lead to web sites that are educationsl.
Oh, they are educational all right, but not in the real pragmatic sense. You will find blogs and sites where young lads ask each other what a clitoris looks like, where it or the g-spot can be found. The indirectness of the conversation is a give-away of the ignorance that prevails on the subject. One suggested "ask her". But how few adolescent lads have a "she" they can ask? Their mother or sister? Their granny? Just look at the internal emotional associations that pop up in your mind with the shere thought.
But how then can these youngsters learn?

Fortunately there is the Internet.
And the INTERNET SEX sites.

Perhaps it is time that the moral police are educated about the education
that they fail to provide. Due to this young lads and lassies fail to get the
understanding of their own life and body, and need to fumble around on the
internet. They have a much greater chance to run into sites where the sights are explicit, but do not explain. Do not explain that sex is normal.
Most internet sites d
o not explain that most people have the same question as the youngsters themselves, for the simple reason that people do not (enough) discuss the topic. And, when they do, more often make it vulgar and onscene; which sex is not.

The Why and How of Internet sex

Internet sex consumes bandwidth, time and money.
Some curse it.
Many, evidently - considering the amount of it - praise it.

Why is it that internetsex is so abundant, rampant?
Is it a form of selfmedication?
Is it a form of self-education?
This Blog proposes that both are the case.

There is a more basic question:
Why is sex so ill understood?
Why is sex used so often as means of control over the masses.
And why do the masses allow it.

Considering our bodies, and existence, sex is essential.
One thing you can be sure of: your parents had sex; else you would not exist.
But why is sex so ill understood, undiscussed; why are discussions so often silenced?
Considering the history of the western culture: 'the church had them by the balls'...

With what effect?
XXX now dominates the WWW, the bandwidth and the mind of the users.
The mind is like the stomach: what you feed it, it must digest.
Why not feed the mind with healthy sex 'food', instead of the - again - bulk mass fast food. Which does not nourish?

Minds that soak in sex, via the web, via TV, via advertising and print, become soaked in sex.
The mind, like the gut, does a lot of digestion: what you see, leaves after-images in your thinking. What you take in, you become.
Why is this culture so obsessed with sex, by denying it?
As the WWW shows: what you suppress - however long and strong - will pop up.

So, if the WWW is full of XXX, let's regard it as a sign, as a symptom.
What is it, this cry for help; this quest for understanding?
Is what the internet offers, really what is needed?
Or is what people seek not sex, but physical realisation?

The internet is full of sex; one needs to make an effort not to see it, to avoid it.
The internet is like a river full of flotsam, of a sexually shipwrecked culture.
But is what is offered, really sex?
Or is it a parody? A sham?
My suggestion is, that it is.

Sex is not something you see; it is something you do.
Sex has to do with living, and life: no one is born but through sex.
Sex has to do with mating, thus bonding: trust and connectedness are of the essence.
Sex has to do with the continuity of existence; not of the individual, but of the species.

  • "The Private parts are meant to be shared"

This Blog starts with the premiss that

Without sex you don't die; you don't come to live.

Much of the 'sex' on the internet is not at all about sex.
It is simply a puberescent quest for understanding, in a culture of sexual denial.
Once people know what sex is, and how it is a way to enlightenment and love, how society could differ.
But who will tell 'society'? How will 'society' find out?

Left to itself, society will.
Society is not some vague monster, some amorphous anonymous being.
Society is composed of people.
YOU make society. How YOU live, creates society.

Perhaps it is time to get rid of the vice squads, and get ready for proper sexual education.
Perhaps it is time that the priests learn about sex, real sex, true sex, by and from true and real women. Priestesses of life.
No book knowledge, because books are written by people - always - but direct bodily understanding.
After all, if sex was unimportant, it would not be built into our body. And built-in it decidedly is: sex is a feature that determines the lives of individuals and cultures, for the greater part of their lives.

Yes, men do wake up with a morning erection.
And how different their life is if women know how to use and balance that sexual tension.
There is a fundamental principle in living beings, called "Charge Discharge".
Life makes use of charge potentials - of which sex is but one - as a force in creation.

  • so, why not learn to use it?

Much of the Internet Sex is a parody, an inverted picture.
Instead of dressed, people are undressed.
Where laws prescribe (!) clothing, the internet shows holes.
Instead of sexual organs, all kinds of implements are shown which have nothing to do with sex.

Much of the Internetsex has to do with masturbation: if masturbation is so common - let's assume that everyone knows how to do it - why is it not part of our daily discussion?
Why is our natural sexuality, a creative force in/for procreation, left beyond debate, even denied?

Whatever is denied is evoked,
whatever is repressed, is strengthened.
So, create what you wish to experience...

Who are all those people parading on the internet web sites? Your waitress in the café? The busdriver that just dropped you off? Your boss? Your clergy?

Oops, the clergy have just been found out to be - all too - human too ...
But if being human is related to sex - it is what we come to life by - then why not respect it, honour it, celebrate (rather than masturmate) and understand it?
And lets get something straight (aye guys): it is the WOMEN that ARE THE BASIS OF HUMAN BEING.
Men are merely means for the Requisite natural variety, to keep human life stable in a changing context.

Over the course of time, this blog will add insights and info.
It will address the differences between cloning and sex, females and hemales.
It will explore the reasons for pornography, and how it thrives on denial.
It will also propose the alternative: healthy sex and healthy cultures.

In short: it proposes that, as a society, we grow up.
And come to learn, and live, our sexual potential.
Not to be driven by minute molecules, hormones (as some presidents show all to clearly), but truly integrate sex in our life and (cultural) being.


so, let's apply it.


Why this Blog?

Sex seems to have lost its meaning.

In spite of Sex being the bulk of the Internet,
the sex on the Internet is mainly meaningless.
Trivial. Trite.

Those who want to discover the deeping meaning of sex, have a hard (uhm) time tooking for it amongst the XXX on the WWW.
In spite of all that is on offer, the XXX on the WWW does not help humanity to appreciate the marvel of sex.

Why is this so?
Why has sex - which we all came live by - lost its meaning?

This Blog explores this.
Maybe you'll explore along?

The Hypothesis of this Blog Site:
The XXX on the WWW is a symptom.

And for a symptom there may be a cure.

The proposal of this Blog Site:
You may be best suited to cure the disease.

Has it really come to that? Is sex a socially transmitted disease?
Is is our society sick, and sex simply the symptom?

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